Abracadabra - Incantesimi di Mario Mieli [Studio #2]
08 November 2020 Time 18:00 - 19:00 Sala alla Porta di Sant’Agostino, Porta di Sant’Agostino - via della Fara (Città Alta)
                               Foto Antonella Lodedo
Abracadabra - Incantesimi di Mario Mieli [Studio #2]

by and with Irene Serini - duration 45’

A race inside a magic circle, almost a seance to evoke the spirit of Mario Mieli: philosopher, poet and actor who died as a suicide in the spring of '83 at the age of thirty. Irene Serini recovers the ancient theatre formula with the audience sitting in a circle, a stage surrounded by bodies. Abracadabra explores the revolutionary thought of Mario Mieli who investigated the difficult relationship with the femininity proper to every human being, with gender identity and with the repressed desire. Abracadabra - spells of Mario Mieli is a show that sees how the protagonist is a shiny madman, a showman who drags the audience into the lucid deliriums of Mario Mieli’s spells.
Entrance: 10 € full price - 8 € reduced price - 6 € members Immaginare Orlando and Lab 80. Recommended ticket purchase online on lab80.18tickets.it  | THE EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED
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