Alexis 2.0
16 June 2023 Time 21:00 - 21:30 Daste | Via Daste e Spalenga, 13-15 Bergamo
© Stefano Scheda
PERFORMANCE | 21.00, Daste
Alexis 2.0
by Aristide Rontini, with Cristian Cucco - duration 30’

With the possibility of poetic audio-description for blind or visually impaired people 
Aristide Rontini has undertaken choreographic research that reinterprets Marguerite Yourcenar's debut novel, Alexis or The Treatise of Vain Struggle, in which the famous French writer brings to life a long letter in an attempt by the protagonist to declare his homosexuality to his wife. 
In the performance, Rontini gives substance to the complex physical and emotional dynamics that can come into play in the sometimes painful process of coming out. Alexis's saying and not saying reverberate in the grounded and at the same time aerial physicality of Cristian Cucco, performer of this proposal that, starting from a literary case, shows how in the urgency of a declaration written in the first person one can recognise, instead, collective and shared urgencies that concern, in a fully transversal manner, the condition and state of the human being.
Followed by a meeting with Aristide Rontini and Cristian Cucco, with interpreting in LIS (Italian Sign Language)
An initiative of FDE Festival Danza Estate and Festival ORLANDO.

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