Educational Projects
The other whom I love and who fascinates me is atopos.I cannot classify the other, for the other is, precisely, Unique,the singular Image which has miraculously come to correspond to the specialty of my desire.
Roland Barthes



The spread of feminicide, homophobia, bullying, cyberbullyng and intolerance imposes an obligation on cultural and social institutions  to educate to identity as freedom, and not as a destiny.


Therefore training is a fundamental core value of the association Immaginare Orlando.  Educational activities aim at giving children, adolescents and adults, the opportunity to imagine and live a tomorrow in autonomy, sustainability of lives and choices, self-confidence, respect for others, to teach to the new and less new generations that freedom and rights either belong to all, or do not exist.


We’re convinced that training projects have the capacity, and the duty, to work to develop a culture of inclusivity and respect for the human person in all its dimensions and to support the new generations in their growth paths.


Over the years we have built important collaborations within a local network which also includes the Department of Education, Training, Sport, University of the Municipality of Bergamo, HG80 Social Enterprise, Consorzio Sol.Co Città Aperta, Lab 80 film, Alilò Futuro Anteriore Association, L’Ombelico onlus, Centro Isadora Duncan and Festival Danza Estate.


Immaginare Orlando is associated with the National Network Educare alle Differenze.


The educational projects 2018-2020 have been funded with the support of Otto per Mille of the Waldensian Church of Italy.


training children
A. Training - children

A.1 #Altrestoriepossibili 

training adolescents
B. Training - Adoloscents

School trainings diversified by themes and methods

B1. In words – Anti-bullying prevention
Cycle of workshops – Lower Secondary School
B2. To be (oneself) or not to be
Workshop – cinema – Upper Secondary School

B3. Beyond the wall. Laboratory on adolescence, transition and freedom

Workshop – theatre - Upper Secondary School

B4. The self, the other  and the construction of identity

Cycle of workshops - Upper Secondary School

sguardi di un certo genere
C. Youth training        

C1. Sguardi di un certo genere

Theatre and video workshop



adult training
D. Adult training


D.2 ACTIVE AGEING – over60

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