Educational Projects
The other whom I love and who fascinates me is atopos.I cannot classify the other, for the other is, precisely, Unique,the singular Image which has miraculously come to correspond to the specialty of my desire.
Roland Barthes



As Immaginare Orlando, we want to practise an education on the side of children and adolescents, one that gathers their needs, their questions and their words; an education that also speaks to adults, that establishes alliances between generations while trying to build bridges. This is because we believe in the transformative power of education, an education that values differences, that gives imagination, voice and breath to all subjectivities and fragilities.


We do it inside classrooms, because we trust in the transformative power of school, and outside those walls, because we love meeting different contexts. We do it with children, adolescents, young people, adults. We do it through art, theatre, cinema, stories, books, the words we choose, because we work for a world in which culture and education move change together.


We listen to those before us because we do not like formats, and for us education means first and foremost relationship. We build projects from an intersectional perspective, like common threads weave together giving rise to  new maps. The issues that run through us and that are at the heart of our projects are always to be read in relation to each other and to the context in which they arise and to which they return: affectivity, sexuality, possible loves, bullying, gender and gender-based violence, stereotypes and representations, homolesbobitransphobia, ableism, racism.

We wish to open spaces and times where bodies can feel free to build new stories and new gazes, in which to rediscover affection to build collectivity.


Over the years, we have built up important collaborations within a local network that also includes  Bergamo City Council's Department for Education , HG80 Impresa Sociale, Consorzio Sol.Co Città Aperta, Lab 80 film, Associazione Alilò futuro anteriore, L'Ombelico onlus, Centro Isadora Duncan and Festival Danza Estate.


Immaginare Orlando is part of the national association Educare alle Differenze.


For detailed information contact Lucio Guarinoni - Training Referent for Immaginare Orlando

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