Educare alle Differenze 2021
25 /26 September 2021 Bergamo
Grafica #cartadesign
7th Edition - Bergamo
Educare alle Differenze is a national meeting aimed to valorizing differences inside and outside public school through self-training. Is a free and self-financed event that will take place, this year, in Bergamo. The seventh edition stems from the survey La scuola che verrà comincia oggi (The school to come starts today), with which the association Educare alle Differenze - of which Immaginare Orlando is a part - has tried to map and collect experiences and considerations of teachers who have lived through an extraordinary season of closed/open schools during the first wave of the pandemic. From the analysis of the data that emerged from the survey conducted last year, five themes, five manifestos and five open questions were identified, which gave rise to the graphic campaign Fare esplodere le contraddizioni per educare alle differenze (Exploding contradictions to educate for differences). They will be the common thread running through the programme in Bergamo:
  • Absent bodies or bodies elsewhere?
  • Houses that open or places that protect?
  • To respect the programme or to risk experimenting?
  • To live a slow time or to articulate time?
  • School of inclusion or school of differences?
The calendar of training workshops and face-to-face meetings is enriched by a programme of online events, which will take place in the week beginning 27th September to give everyone the opportunity to participate. Reservations for the two-day face-to-face event, at this link, are absolutely compulsory and limited in number. Registrations will be collected in chronological order, until all available places are filled. So don't delay too much!
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Educare alle Differenze
Educare alle Differenze is a national network of associations, formally constituted, that works pursuing the objectives of the mobilisation path born in 2014 for the Educare alle Differenze event, with thousands of participants and hundreds of supporting organisations. The association works for a school that is competent in manufacturing citizenship, inclusion and equality and is a candidate to be the largest, most airy and plural alternative to those in our country who feed hotbeds of intolerance, clericalism, sexism and homophobia, to those who think that using resources in education is a cost and not the greatest of investments.
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