02 /06 September 2020 Italia
From September 2 to 6 a free collection of short films selected by the nine festivals of the Organization of Italian LGBTQ Film Festivals will be available on Vimeo.  The short films, which will be presented together for the first time, will use a cinematographic language to tell the stories and lives of the characters that belong to that variegated world that is made of the differences linked to sexual orientations and gender identities.
Is Your Teen a Homosexual?  by Tamara Scherbak (Canada 2018, 6′). Original version in English, Italian subtitles.
Short allegorical comedy that makes fun of Trump’s America using the style of 1950s teen hygiene educational films. The main character Johnny confesses to his family that he is gay and discovers that prejudices and stereotypes are stronger than family ties.
Pink Boy by Eric Rockey (USA 2015, 15′). Original version in English, Italian subtitles.
The private portrait of Jeffrey, a six-year-old boy adopted by a lesbian couple, who loves to dress like a woman and wants to be a girl when he grows up.
Amateur by Simone Bozzelli (Italy 2019, 15′). Original version in Italian, English subtitles.
On a hot afternoon, Serena helps Christopher study German but he gets bored and prefers to film her with his cell phone. She doesn’t want it but he likes it, she makes him laugh, especially when Serena acts like a piggy. And when Christopher laughs she is happy. Through that game, the two get closer and discover an unexpected intimacy.
Marguerite by Marianne Farley (Canada 2017, 19′) Original version in French, Italian subtitles.
For several years Marguerite, a diabetic woman in her seventies, has received daily visits from Rachel, her home nurse. Despite her declining conditions, Marguerite gradually emerges from her loneliness as she experiences feelings of tenderness and sensuality under Rachel’s care. Then discovering that her nurse is a lesbian will lead Marguerite to explore desires and passions that she had never admitted.
Un’ultima volta by Charlie Carlotta Benedetti (Italy 2018, 23′) Original version in Italian.
Elisa is a successful photographer, Claudia started her career as a songwriter, then she gave up. She is now writing a book about her experience, but getting it done is a tough job. The end of a relationship is always marked by one last memorable fight, one last unforgettable “Fuck you”. Elisa and Claudia no longer belong to each other but at the same time they want to keep this last moment forever. 
The Plunge by Simon Ryninks (United Kingdom 2018, 10′) Original version in English, Italian subtitles.
A loving couple, a romantic encounter, a very unexpected after dinner. A spicy and light-hearted comedy, capable of playing boldly with the limits and taboos of heteronormal sexuality.
Juck by Olivia Kastebring, Julia Gumpert, Ulrika Bandeira (Sweden 2017, 17′) Original version in Swedish, Italian subtitles.
What is femininity? A mix of documentary and fiction, the film features the fully female dance group called JUCK, a Swedish word that means “to bang, to fuck”. JUCK redefines the boundaries of how we are used to seeing the female body, it questions the roles of the object and the subject by provoking, inspiring and breaking the rules.
Pepitas by Alessandro Sampaoli (Italy 2018, 8′) Original version in Italian, English subtitles.
Lino is a young employee who secretly plays the role of a drag queen by night, until one evening he can no longer hide from his grandmother. How will she take it?
The Drum Tower by Popo Fan (China 2018, 18′) Original version in Chinese, Italian subtitles.
In 2017, the Beijing government decides to take action on the illegal commercial buildings by sealing doors and windows with bricks that transform the previously animated spaces into desolate walls. Miss Mi’s shop is one of the few left. In this context, the student Kacchan photographs the building interventions and records the changes in the neighborhood, but the meeting with Miss Mi will arouse his curiosity. The urban and social evolution of China intertwines with the meeting of the two characters in a mix of filmed reality, live streaming, comics and musical performance. 
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