The Privileged
19 May 2023 Time 17:00 - 21:00 Daste | Via Daste e Spalenga, 13 - 15 Bergamo
©  Tara Yarahmadi
PERFORMANCE |Two performances, at 5 pm and at 8 pm, Daste
The Privileged
by and with Jamal Harewood (United Kingdom) - duration approximately 60’ 
"Have you ever seen a polar bear in the flesh? Been close enough to notice just how white these magnificent mammals are? Remove your shoes, coats and bags as you are about to encounter the Arctic’s whitest apex predator, with black skin." Join a well-trained member of staff as we enter the polar bear’s natural habitat and experience this animal like never before. Be one of the privileged few to say you have pet, played and fed a polar bear.
An initiative of UP TO YOU Festival and ORLANDO Festival, as part of the Praticare Alleanze project, in collaboration with IFF - Interaction Film Festival.

Performance for a limited number of participants. Full ticket € 5, reduced under 25 € 3. Online ticket purchase recommended at
Interactivity: refers to the level of participation required during the event. Participation, however, is never compulsory and the spectators can always choose whether to participate or not. 
Exposure: indicates how much you will be subjected to interactive stimuli without being asked or told. 
An example of level 3 exposure is sitting in a circle around the performer. 
Sensory stimulus: indicates the level of auditory, visual, tactile, olfactory stimulation of the performance. Example of stimulus level 5 is a concert or DJ set because there are many lights, loud music and many people in a small space. The risk of overstimulation, meltdown or shutdown is therefore very high.
Photo © Carlo Valtellina 
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