Festival 2018
From 12 to 20 May 2018
From 15 to 20 May 2018
And it is exactly when the situation is discouraging,that courage is needed.
Alain Deneault
ORLANDO festival is not afraid of facing complexity with delicacy, irony and attention.
This is why we decided to dedicate the fifth edition of ORLANDO to the topic Courage: not the showy and artificial one, but a less visible one, tenacious and constant, that marks out the
action of culture.
Courage of recognising one's taboos and resistances, but also the strength of one's own desires. Courage of bearing new imaginaries and new narrations, courage of watching the world from
different perspectives, to undertake responsibilities and encourage change. This edition focuses more and more on national and international relations, on expanding the imaginary and the horizon of possibilities, to meet differences and to practise freedom.
Illustration by Barbara Boiocchi


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