Festival 2023
From 30 April to 07 May 2023
banner rettangolare fondo giallo con pattern a quadratini gialli scuro con scritta nera orlando e date dal 30 aprile al 7 maggio 2023 decima edizione

We need to break down anniversaries and let go

of relics, to celebrate all our other 

possible births.


Paul B. Preciado
2023. ORLANDO Festival turns 10 this year.
We have travelled through 10 editions of revolutions, experimentations, meetings, cultural militancy, a shared search for horizons where to recognise ourselves, dream and fall in love. We have reached unhoped-for goals, sailed often rough oceans and landed on unexplored islands.
We look back with gratitude, and a little disbelief, at all the beauty we have built with you year after year and invite you to be with us for a tenth time.
This special edition, which will be part of the year of the Italian Capital of Culture, will take place from 30 April to 7 May, with international guests and additional projects from March until June 2023. You will hear about it, step by step.
Over the past 10 years the world has changed, we have all changed: it is time to celebrate “all our other possible births.”

We look forward to seeing you!
ORLANDO is an international queer festival that features cinema, dance and theatre. It is addressed towards a broad, varied audience and characterized by its ironic, inclusive and welcoming approach. Our aim is to experience culture, overcome borders by broadening possibilities of expression and knowledge through multiple visions of reality. We want to raise a generation that is more liberated, and dream of a society that is more sensitive to equal opportunities, minority rights, gender violence and widen the possibilities of expression. We want a society that is brave and willing to explore otherness. During the course of eight days we bring valuable artistic experiences to Bergamo by transforming the city through a rich programme of films, shows, encounters, workshops and events thanks to our network of relations, cultural exchanges as well as national and international partnerships. The Festival and the association are named after Virginia Woolf’s novel. Her work clearly proves how cultural, gender, ethnic and affective orientation differences are indispensable to establish a cultural identity that is plural, alive and constantly transforming. 
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