Festival 2024
From 03 to 12 May 2024
Video story of the eleventh edition of the ORLANDO Festival,  by Alberto Valtellina
We need stories that are just big enough to gather up the complexities and keep the edges open and greedy for surprising new and old connections.

Donna Haraway

“Where are you, Orlando?” is the question opening the film Orlando, my political biography by Paul B. Preciado. It has also been the question we have been asking ourselves over the last year, to think at possible transformations and new paths to chart. The answer to this question asks us to reflect on the motivations that lead the ORLANDO Festival to reconfirm itself for the eleventh time: we continue to be there because of our need for plurality and multiplication of relations.
Creating connections with those - or what - one does not yet know is the promise with which we approach the new edition of the Festival, echoing Donna Haraway's invitation to "generate kin and exercise care towards the other as processes that expand the imagination and can change history." Always committed to broadening the horizons of possibility, in the 2024 edition, the Festival aims to explore how many kinships can still be imagined and how it is possible to invent ever-new families, to embody plurality. ORLANDO Festival, therefore, in this 2024, becomes a space of encounter in locations throughout the city chosen because they are witnesses to a history to be considered in order to build spaces of freedom for all. Festival ORLANDO becomes a fantastic institution for imagining processes of self-determination, forms of relationship, and modes of belonging. The Festival thus becomes an observatory from which to carefully intercept the forms of plurality and interdependence that already exist.
Auditorium di Piazza Libertà | via N. Duzioni, 2
Donizetti Studio|piazza C. Benso Conte di Cavour, 15
INK Club | via G. Carducci, 4B
Teatro Renzo Vescovi, Monastero del Carmine | via B. Colleoni, 21
Lo Schermo Bianco | via Daste e Spalenga, 13
Padiglione del Tè, Parco Caprotti | via G. Verdi, 21
Piazza della Libertà
Polveriera Superiore di San Marco | via C. Beltrami
Sala dell’Orologio, Palazzo della Libertà | piazza della Libertà

Admission conditions are listed under each event
Reduced entrance fee for CGIL, COOP, ARCI members, over 60s, under 27s. Furher reductions for Immaginare Orlando and Lab 80 members.
Lower fare tickets are also reserved for participants with disability, including free admission for the accompanying person. All scheduled films are in the original version, with Italian subtitles.
For more information on accessibility please visit each event page. In addition to the icons you will also find a legend. Interactivity: indicates the level of participation required during the event. However, participation is never mandatory and the spectator, you can always choose whether to participate or not. Exposure: indicates how much you will be subjected to interactive stimuli without being asked or made explicit. An example of level 3 exposure is example of sitting in a circle around the performer. Sensory stimulus: indicates the level of auditory, visual, tactile, olfactory stimulation of the performance. Example of stimulus level 5 are a concert or DJ set because there are lots of lights, loud music and many people in a small space. Therefore, the risk of overstimulation, meltdown or shutdown is very high. For specific needs, please write to info@orlandofestival.it: we will try our best to accommodate you!
The icons used on this site for Festival 2024 are part of the Iconic Accessibility Toolkit, a project by Elia Zeno Covolan, available under a Creative Common BY-NC-SA licence.  Info: elia.covolan@gmail.com

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Facebook, Instagram @orlandobergamo

Make the difference. Dream with Orlando
Throughout the Festival you will have the opportunity to become a member of Associazione Immaginare Orlando and take part in the Festival community! Benefits and agreements with many shops and institutions around the town. Further information on the website www.orlandofestival.it

Short note on language (for Italian readers)

After much thought, envied by the Accademia della Crusca, we have decided that in our communications we will opt for a broad language, which plays with disorder and tries to imagine and make room for the many possibilities in which different subjectivities and placements can feel comfortable among words. It is for this reason that here you will find ǝ for singulars, * for plurals, perhaps a few u's will peep out, sometimes you will stumble over _ and broken words. This is why you won't find over-extended masculine, all-encompassing feminine here (although we recognise the fundamental political quality of the use of the feminine as a claim to exist and resist millennia of imposed invisibility and oppression), and binary declensions. We demand chaos, we have fun with words and we think that the absence of coherence is itself a form of coherence, simply untamed.  
Associazione Immaginare Orlando

ORLANDO is an international queer festival that features cinema, dance and theatre. It is addressed towards a broad, varied audience and characterized by its ironic, inclusive and welcoming approach. Our aim is to experience culture, overcome borders by broadening possibilities of expression and knowledge through multiple visions of reality. We want to raise a generation that is more liberated, and dream of a society that is more sensitive to equal opportunities, minority rights, gender violence and widen the possibilities of expression. We want a society that is brave and willing to explore otherness. During the course of nine days we bring valuable artistic experiences to Bergamo by transforming the city through a rich programme of films, shows, encounters, workshops and events thanks to our network of relations, cultural exchanges as well as national and international partnerships. The Festival and the association are named after Virginia Woolf’s novel. Her work clearly proves how cultural, gender, ethnic and affective orientation differences are indispensable to establish a cultural identity that is plural, alive and constantly transforming.

Elisabetta Consonni
Emma Mainetti
Mauro Danesi
Efrem Foglia
Caterina Sartor
Giorgia Di Giusto
Sara Luraschi
Roberto Occhio
Marco Rizzoli 
Caterina Sartor with
Giorgia Di Giusto
Efrem Foglia
Efrem Foglia
Ippolita Aprile
Emma Mainetti with
Letizia Capelli
Sara Moioli 
Simone Moretti
Roberto Occhio
Federica Paladini
Gianluca Abbate
&1 lab
Alberto Valtellina
Carlo Valtellina
Elia Zeno Covolan (Al.Di.Qua. Artists)
Silvia Giordano
Letizia Capelli
Sara Moioli 
Andrea Buelli
Marco Mascadri
Jacopo Lazzari

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